What we want Startartist to be:

We think there is a need for a place where good artists can sell their art, spreading their work into a global market and getting noticed all around the world. We also think there is a need for a place where people can spot and buy original artworks at an affordable price: they want to have something unique in their houses, and not the same thing that their friend bought from a big furniture retailer.
We would like Startartist to be the answer to those needs. We want it to be global and we want it to be equal. There are thousands of artists that can satisfy your personal taste, you just need to meet them! Take this chance: the worst thing that can happen to you with a contemporary artist is that you like another one a bit more.


Why is Startartist different:

There are plenty of pages out there where you can find artists and buy art, but we couldn't stay there long without the impression that you have to pay a lot of money for something meaningful, or to be extremely gifted to select an artist out of the pile. Furthermore, we have always got the impression that, if something has a reasonable price, somehow there is a trick behind.
For Startartist, we have in mind a set of rules to be followed by the artists to get on board: once you are in, you will have your display on our platform and you will be ready to sell. As a customer, you will be able to surf through the database by multiple criteria, just in line with what you are looking for. No surprises: simple and equal. And the most important part: you will buy certificated originals from a fresh talented artist.

Hope On!
“Recruiting” is now on!! We are selecting 10 artists to be the core of the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. The crowdfunding campaign will raise money to launch Startartist: a brand new project dedicated to contemporary art discovery, distribution and marketing from all over the world, through the web, to your home. The selected artists will become the key figures of the crowdfunding campaign through their art: are you interested?
Download the instructions and join the recruiting campaing!
We exist
Here we go!
The name is decided and
the adventure has begun:
the first step is done,we exist!
Suit up
We designed the logo! We want a web page where you can track our status, and we want it pretty! So we decided to work together with Diego, and we are watching our ideas turning into this web! Cool!
Check my dress
Ladies and gentleman,
welcome to our brand new
web page! Do you like it?
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I think I can help too

One of the key elements to be shared and displayed during the crowdfunding campaign is a promotional video, that will explain in details the project using a unique graphics, animation and music. If you like Startartist, and you see in it a chance to be noticed, write to us! Your work will become our viral video, the catchy logo we needed or the song that is being be whistled all around the world!